Teeth Cleaning

Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning Price
First appointment

Includes your pups very own toothbrush head (lasts for up to 25 sessions)
First cleaning session (approx 20 minutes)

Following appointments

Cleaning session (approx 20 minutes)


Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning is a gentle and proven method to help ensure that your dog stays happy, healthy and smiling all day long.  It uses ultra-sonic that helps to clean from the tooth itself through to the gums, and has become an increasingly popular service that I can provide for you.


In your first appointment your dog will be assigned their very own toothbrush head, and will be given their first cleaning session.  This toothbrush head will last for approximately 25 sessions before having to be replaced (though can be subject to how tasty & chewy your dog finds the toothbrush head!)

The recommended frequency of sessions will depend on your dogs current dental hygiene.

Why Emmi-Pet?

Groomers Top Tips

Did you know?

Keeping your dogs teeth shiny, gleaming & white isn’t only for appearance sake, the dental health of our canines is just as important as the welfare of their coat.  Poor dental hygeine with our dogs can lead to many serious health problems later in life as well as very expensive vet bills