Puppy Groom

Puppy Groom Price
(Only after 12 weeks old & has recieved its injections)

Service includes bath, dry, nail clipping, hygiene areas and face clipping where necessary.


Introducing your puppy to their groomer slowly & carefully is the perfect way to start.  As a puppy the world is a big and exciting place, but having a routine helps to make them feel reassured and secure.  My role in a puppy groom is to introduce them to the parlour environment in a friendly way.  Plenty of breaks as they need them and a chance to be fussed & pampered alongside the groom.

Puppies don’t need professional grooming until they’re around 12-16 weeks old.  Whilst they are still growing though it can be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to both myself as their groomer and the general practice of grooming in a smaller dose so that they know what to expect.

A puppy groom will generally consist of a bath, towel/blow dry, nails, trimming of the face (if required) & hygiene areas.


Groomers Top Tips

Did you know?

Puppies are incredibly intelligent even so young.  They can pick up many of their routines at such a young age, and generally easier to adapt a good habits than older dogs.  You can start to help your puppy get used to grooming right away!  The sooner they start getting used to the human interaction and being handled, the quicker they will learn that they are safe secure, and there is nothing for them to be afraid of.

  1. Brush with a soft-bristled brush, gently brush their face with your fingers.

  2. Try practicing occasionally holding or stroking their paws gently.  (Many dogs who are nervous don’t liked having their paws handled, so this is a great thing to get them used to)