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Bath, dry & nail clipping


Bathing is essential for maintaining health of the dog’s skin & coat. It helps to remove loose hair, scale & debris, whilst improving the shine on the coat itself.

For bathing I use only the best high quality products that are soft & gentle to your dogs skin & will leave their coat feeling soft, smelling fresh & looking shiny & vibrant.

At Plushpups I bath every dog as part of a full groom whilst offering a bath as a separate pamper service.


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Did you know?

Your dogs coat & skin requires natural oils that they will produce over time. Over bathing can remove these oils so we have to be quite careful how often they are cleaned. Having your dog professionally bathed in good quality products will help ensure that they smell fresh & clean for longer. In between appointments a water bath should usually be enough to maintain their coat and avoid damaging their natural oils.