Grooming (every 6-8 weeks to maintain knots and avoid matting) Price
Small Dog

(Shih tzu, Lhasa apso, Minatare Schnauzer, Westie, Scottie, Yorkshire Terrier, and similar sized breeds)

Service includes nail clipping, full bath, dry & groom.

Medium Dog

(Cocker spaniel, Springer spaniel, Border Terrier, Bedlington, Cross breeds & similar sized breeds)

Service includes nail clipping, full bath, dry & groom.


Grooming long haired dogs is essential to maintain the skin & coat whilst also to remove & prevent any knots or matting.  For their wellbeing it is also vital to keep your dogs happy & physically healthy whilst improving their appearance.

Different breeds require different cuts, and with that the frequency that they need a groom will differ too.  In general, it is recommended that long hair dogs are professionally groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.

I am trained in traditional cuts for all breeds of dog, but I know many owners have a slight preference in certain cuts whether for style or practicality, so I am always more than willing to hear how you like your dogs to be styled.  My responsibility will always be to the welfare of your pet, and will advise if any cut may be of detriment to their wellbeing.

If a dog has severe matting it maybe necessary to cut shorter than usual to ensure that the skin can breathe and the coat can be reformed, I will always try to inform you if this will be required on an assessment.  (Or will call you to advise).

At Plush pups I offer full grooming for any small or medium breed of dog.

*Prices may be affected by the following factors that may require additional time to complete the groom.  Should this likely be the case, I will do my upmost to inform you during the initial assessment.

  1. If your dog is particularly nervous or anxious this may result in extra time being required to complete the groom.
  2. If your dogs coat is sufficiently matted that the groom will require extra time to complete.


Groomers Top Tips

Did you know?


Although having our pets groomed professionally is a responsibility we have to them as owners, there is still a little upkeep we can & should do ourselves to help ensure that our dogs can have a healthy coat & avoid unnecessary trimming to remove matting & knots.  Our pets love their routines and if we work our own grooming routines into their patterns it makes it a lot easier to upkeep.

If you have a pup that likes to sit next to you on an evening, have a brush handy and work it into their routine when they are perhaps a little sleepy.  Being brushed may then feel less like a playtime objective for them and more of a petting routine.