I am a professional City & Guilds certified trained groomer & have setup working in Shelf under the name Plushpups.  I provide a very warm and friendly environment for your pets.
I will always make sure your pet gets the highest level of care, love and attention, because I treat them all as if they were my own!
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Hi, Im Rebecca!

For as long as I can remember I have always had dogs in my life.  I believe they are the most loyal loving companions we can have. They provide unconditional love & are always here for us in our times of need & time of joy.

Before starting Plush pups we lived in an apartment, we couldn’t have a dog of our own, but would spend every weekend we had spare borrowing dogs from family to fill that try and fill the void!

In winter 2017 we knew we were finally moving to our new home here in Shelf.   A massive part of the excitement was that we would at last be able to get our very own puppy!!

We had a name for him months before he was born or we had been lucky enough to find him, and despite promising we would wait a few months, we were soon scouring the internet within days.  Our very own cocker spaniel Odie joined our family in December 2017.  Just 2 weeks of moving to our new home.

He has grown into being the most affectionate and loving dog, we are incredibly proud of him, he’s been my absolute world & we love him so much.

So here I am now supposed to be writing an about section about myself, but I am mostly talking about my Odie! 😂  I think that probably sums it up better than I could anyway.

I’m Rebecca & my passion is dogs, they all have such wonderful varied personalities, & although my job can be hard physical work it is ever so rewarding.  Outside of my job, I love my holidays, pampering myself, my friends, long walks in the country with Odie & enjoying life as much as I can.

Starting Plushpups

Having spent so much of my life with dogs, I have always tried to care for them the best I can & it wasn’t long before I was grooming them myself.  Now having a pup of my own & working in an office job, I started to miss him incredibly.  When the opportunity arose to go part time I took the plunge to turn my passion into my career.

In 2017 I attended Look North Grooming college, achieved my level 2 City & Guilds diploma and began working as a groomer initially part time & then eventually full time in summer 2020

I also added to this by returning to Look North for training for emmi-pet teeth cleaning which is another popular service I offer here at PlushPups.

My brand new parlour was constructed by my talented stepdad in Spring of 2021 converting our garage from the basic shell into the amazing purpose built parlour I am fortunate enough to be able to use today.  One of the reasons we loved the house here was the open green fields we are lucky to overlook here at the end of Greenacres. In the end, I felt it was an ideal & calming place for the pups to be pampered, and something I think I would have struggled to replicate in a van or shop.